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Posted on 17 January 2014 at Friday, January 17, 2014 | 0 phobia(s)

Semuaaa :) Assalamualaikum . Yes ,  i'm already a big girl . Jihah dah besaaar , dah form four bak hang . Kau ado ? haha tinggi je tak tambah lagi . Okaay comel apaa hahaha kayy memain je dah dah jangan nak buat muka nyampah pulak xD

3 weeks at school it's like 3 years . A lot of things happened . Whether it's good or bad . Hm just overcome all of the obstacles with faith . I've learned a lot of new things . Subjects yang quite interesting . Interesting ? ehh entah tak tahu tahu

Since the first day daftar hari tu , 1 Januari 2014 , dah mula busy . Sampai lahh sekarang ni , entah bilaaa semua ke-busy-an ni nak habis . The first week of school , busy prepare things such as books and other stuffs for le' kids , ecehhh form one lettew . Well , welcome to SEMESTI kiddo . Yeahh , they've done a great job for the 'malam bakat' under batch 27th . Haa as the night ends , habislah minggu orientasi those kids .

Hm . 3 minggu berhibernasi dalam sekolah , banyaaak gila unexpected things happened . Dengan isu koop tak boleh jual roti bagai , ehh tak boleh jual makanan dah katanyaa . Hm entah lah -.- Jihah pon not very sure about this issues . Let the 'orang besar' yang tentukan segalanya .

Nak habaqq ni , I'm going to be appointed as one of prefects . Ohh yeaah like seriously ? Hm , yes it's true . It's quite sad to leave Briged Bestari , ehh ? Quite ? no no , it's suppose to be extremely sad . Almost three years I'm in  Briged Bestari and now I'm leaving it for good . I've to . Have to ... Well , at first I never thought that I'll receive the offer . But a lot of things going in , and I'm in the flow . I'm following the flow , and yes , here I am . May Allah ease everything , amin :')

With a lot of crisis occurred , there's comes a rainbow . Alhamdulillah , i'm trying to accept everything , hm not yet . It's not everything . It's almost everything . May Allah ease . And yes , musolla dekat aspuri sudah di-upgrade . Ohh yeahh , with the new carpet , two airconds , pretty curtains and the walls is waiting to be paint . Alhamdulillah :') Massive thanks to ASTI and Cikgu Rohaya yang banyaaak support untuk upgrade musolla :3

Just now , I'm looking at all of the photos taken in 2013 and I felt like I wanted to turn back the time to go at that time . Especially , the pasca pmr . Hm i'm going to miss the moments . I knew that I could never go back or even feel the moments again . I knew that I could never turn back time . NEVER EVER EVER ! But , memories stayed forever .

People come and go . When they leave , memories that could never be draw again will stay forever in my heart , in my mind . For those 28th batch who are leaving , I'm going to miss you . And for the newbies , I hope that we can make some good memories here , in SEMESTI . InsyaAllah .

For 28th batch ,
please , whatever happens , jangan bergaduh . jangan masam muka . jangan sampai ukhuwah batch kita renggang . aku taknak semua tu . ya , aku tau aku pon tak baik sangat untuk cakap semuaa ni . but please , semua benda boleh settle in a nice way . apa apa pon , bincang dulu . okaay :) 

May Allah ease everything . This is just the beginning .